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NOCX is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, creating opportunities for our communities.


Our mission is to merge the bridge of the community and come together as one. Nocx Inc. works to support and assist families and schools to overcome and resolve issues of concern such as developing general life skills, positive decision making skills, strengthen interpersonal relationships, bullying behavior, and refining a positive image of self. Nocx Inc. believes that all youth deserve a nurturing, vibrant, positive learning environment that stimulates their individual hope to explore and discover meaning in the world and their place within it.

About NOCX

Now Opportunities Can Exist Inc. is a 501c3 non profit that is here to improve life opportunities of at-risk youth and a resource center for the community.


Now Opportunities Can Exist Inc. is here to improve life opportunities of at-risk youth using a comprehensive approach focused on developing and nurturing their capabilities.


Our 12 month program that prepares the youth ages 6-18 to meet the obstacles of adolescence and young adulthood.


NOCX Leadership Program is an 7-month enrichment program designed to build character, self-esteem and develop strong leadership skills in youth ages 6 – 18.

Mentoring Model

NOCX Mentor is a caring adult who supports a young person through a guided relationship that will foster the resilience needed for the young person to achieve success as he/she navigates through adolescence.

NOCX Mentor participates in training to learn essential skills and processes to help the youth build self-esteem, help become a stronger leader, and help set and achieve goals.  NOCX Mentors understand they are to support the youth, not parent, judge, or control their life.

Mentoring works as proven by the national evaluation of Big Brothers Big Sisters by Public Private Ventures. After an 18 month period, the study showed that compared to the control group, those youth who had a mentor skipped fewer days of school, were less physically aggressive, had more positive relationships, and had higher grades.




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