NOCX Food Box Program

Now Opportunities Can Exist Inc.

NOCX Food Box and Assistance 


  1. TWO forms of identification for Head of Household
  2. ONE form of ID for each member of household (e.g. Social Security Card, Health Insurance Card, Birth Certificate, Ident-a-Kid, report card, etc.)
  3. PROOF OF INCOME FOR EACH receiving individual in the household (e.g. pay stub, SSI determination letter, disability letter, etc.)
  4. PROOF OF ADDRESS (mail, bill, lease, etc.)

NOCX Food Box serves individuals and families who are facing economic and food insecurity crisis. Additionally, we partner with and support other agencies meeting critical needs across our community – from homeless outreach to fostering families, and child initiatives. We work to meet the challenges of crisis or emergency response support when they arise in our community and beyond.