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NOCX Food Pantry serves individuals and families who are facing economic and food insecurity crisis. Additionally, we partner with and support other agencies meeting critical needs across our community – from homeless outreach to fostering families, and child initiatives. We work to meet the challenges of crisis or emergency response support when they arise in our community and beyond.

NOCX HUNGER Relief Program

NOCX hunger relief program is an essential initiative emerging out of Nashville, TN.  This program is in response to the food insecurity and economic pressures that underprivileged low other minority underserved populations are facing. NOCX hunger relief program is designed to increase food security within the community bringing a whole food system together to assess strengths, establish linkages, and create systems that improve the self-reliance of the community members in meeting their food needs. Our projected measurable outcomes are to bring full awareness of the state of hunger and food hardship in Davidson County and surrounding areas. Our program and outreach efforts will ease the burdens of hunger and food hardship and it will strengthen, expand and improve the state of hunger in our communities. The number of after school, weekend and summer program participants will increase by 15 to 20 percent.  Underserved populations living in food deserts are able to access supermarket style pantry to open shop and receive food boxes. Delivery will be available for individuals and families without transportation. 

Data will be collected from the start of the initiative program in the beginning of the year and throughout the year. Each quarter data that has been collected will be reviewed to show the progress of the program and how effective the food relief program is within the community.