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“Great leaders create more leaders, not followers.” 
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Leadership Program

The problem of low self-esteem is pervasive among pre-adolescent and adolescent girls in the United States. Research conducted by the Girl Scout Research Institute and other organizations demonstrates that risky behavior such as smoking, drinking, unsafe sexual behavior, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, and self-mutilative behavior are often associated with low self-esteem.

NOCX Leadership Program is an 7-month enrichment program designed to build character, self-esteem and develop strong leadership skills in youth ages 6 – 18.  The program offers interactive life-skills workshops, experiential learning activities, STEM career exploration, group mentoring, and community service.  NOCX Leadership Program aims to work with the youth at an early age to prevent teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, gang involvement, and other high risk behaviors.

Join Us

The program meets weekly during the summer months June – August and bi-weekly Mid-August – December and covers topics such as:

  • Self Love Awareness
  • Confidence, Respect & Self esteem
  • Positive Body Image
  • Health & wellness
  • Peer Pressure – Bullying
  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Media
  • Non-violent Conflict Resolution
  • Healthy emotions & relationships
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Gaining Respect
  • Responsibility
  • STEM Careers
  • Organization & Goal Setting
  • Financial Literacy

We Are Here For You

NOCX Leadership Program helps the youth develop a healthy self-image and feel better about themselves by providing support in a nurturing learning environment which enables them to develop essential skills necessary to face life’s challenges.

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